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Making you Bra​nd New!

Cyrita Did my Haiir Ext​ensions and Dreadlocks

Our Services

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Our goal is to love your Locs

Natural Hair

...Create confidence in your curls

Hair Color

...Hydrate your hair

Weave Extensions

...and Sew it till you grow it!

Foundation Services

Shampoo (includes comb&blow dry)



Color retouch

Silk Blow out*:

                        above shoulder length

                         above mid back length

                       above waist length

                       Takedown/Retighten hair *



starts at $100 






Natural Curl/Kinky Hair

Texas Twists (2-strand twists no Xtns)

Flat Twist-Out*

Natural Updo

Natural braids (no added hair)

starts at $55

starts at $60

starts at $65

starts at $65 

Loc Palm roll (includes Shampoo) 

Above shoulder length

Up to mid back length

Up to waist level

Below waist level




starts at $150 


Starter Locs

Loc Styles

Interlock Maintenance

Loc Grooming

starts at $100

starts at $55



Hair Extensions

Sewn Extns Partial

Sewn Extns Full

Wrapless Faux Locs

Latch Hook Crochet Hair

Braid/Twists Extns

Cornrow Braids W/Extns



starts at $200


starts at $200 

Instant Locs & Loc Extns (Permanent)

This service is an investment and requires a consultation to customize your experience. 😊Please schedule online or call 817-807-8047


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